Can We Call It A Practice?

Can we call someone a professional astrologer with a good “practice” – like other professionals. This term “practice” is an issue that I think needs to be addressed. More and more serious astrologers who write for magazines, have books out, went to an astrological school, have founded astrological schools, or generally want to improve the professional standing of the vocation, have strongly called for getting more and more astrologers “certified,” having to pass a test to show professional mastery of the subject. This step in professional credentials brings up the question of practice.

Every profession has people pass a test to get certified. Astrologers want the same thing to be true for their field of endeavor–certified astrologers. This would give astrology a foot on solid educational basis, a curriculum which covers all the aspects of the craft, or profession. And there is strong logic for this: presently anyone who wants can just call themselves an astrologer. Read a book on astrology? You can call yourself an astrologer. Haven’t read a book but get psychic vibes from just looking at a chart? Okay you can call yourself an astrologer.

To me it is a good idea of having to pass some tests to be an astrologer. An astrologer who can say where they got certified (for me, ISAR) assures the unknowing public to know something–this certain astrologer knows his stuff. There are other factors as well, can they do a good consultation? That is a matter of taste or style of the reader, something like bedside manners – and that cannot be tested for, at least I don’t see how it can be known except by the online rating websites like Yelp.

All this leads to the question raised at the beginning of this blog: Can we say that an astrologer has a “practice?” Doctors say they have a practice which is accepted, or one practices law. You get my meaning.
And I assert that astrologers do have a “practice.”

First good astrologers practice their profession by not only doing consultations, but keeping up with the study and academic improvement of skill by studying and reading continually in the field, by being a member of one, at least, professional astrological group. Also important is going to study groups, courses, seminars and conventions and show a passion for keeping up with the current topics of the time.

So from my point of view, professional astrologers can say they have a practice, if certified. This is good as it assures the public that certified astrologers can be expected to at least be truly learned in the Zodiac and all its various intellectual themes and techniques. It gives some standard of quality. And we need the best quality of astrologers with flourishing practices.

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Uranus comes to the fixed Taurus, The Match is Lit

Wow! After 7 years in Aries, Uranus enters Taurus. This will not be pretty, even though Venus rules Taurus, Uranus has the greater trump power. Two signs could not be fathomed more different, and both are fixed and stubborn.

In a game of chicken one loses by being a “chicken” swerving out of the way of the other car and there by having common sense and self interest. In the game of the gods, one trumpets the call for change, even rebellion, and then there is Taurus Venus, staid pragmatic and in love with the big, the pricey, but still not gauche or beyond the common rules of esthetic.

Uranus is nervous, the uncle who always tapped his foot when he visited for Thanksgiving. Cud chewing Taurus is an earth Venus sublimely sitting in a green pasture, grass to eat. Always lurking in this content is the power of Taurus, the bull. When angry the power of Taurus is born of horn and muscle and an attitude that is extremely volatile. It is this bull that will test Uranus the Aquarian. There will be collateral damage as the social dust blows away.

There is a bit of growing chaos in some of Uranus energies — all of which Venus will have to take awareness of, and sensitive to, for she is diplomatic and esthetic, socially skilled, masterful in the acts of love and art. Yet to the electricity and high voltage of Uranus there must be surrender, for the status quo cannot be sustained and a brittle point will mean there will be fissures on political and social allegiances that will precipitate an energy when the fear of what is happening?? A good question to ask, but who knows, really, The shock waves of the growing instability of profound democratic institutions is something that needs to be met with elasticity and willingness to pull the ropes of the contest to the side of Taurus. It will need to be flexible and still pull off the needed earthy stability. The bull is too strong to be just shunted away, even by Uranus.

Either way we look at it, the only thing we can bet on is that this transit of Taurus by Uranus will last seven years and then it is hello Gemini. But let’s not get ahead of ourselves. We have, immediately facing us, is the knowledge that the year 2018 will be a politically hot one, not that it hasn’t been inconceivably hot enough at present with all the different fronts that are now blazing like little fires that are about to come together to create a huge blaze that sets new records. We have seen fires like that, coming together and becoming a monster of flames and doing some real, measurable damage, some of it quite painful. Seven years, remember, and we have ringside seats. Sit back and hold on.

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Here Come The 2018 Eclipses–Whoa Nelly

Considering the total eclipse of August 21 2017, we have hardly recovered. Since that eclipse there has been a long list of huge natural disasters all across the United States, which, incidentally, was the course of the eclipse. I personally went to Oregon to see this one and it was like seeing another dimension. The sky darkened, wind started, dogs howled and at totality I had a vision of what a worm hole or black hole might look light. It made me filled with AWE.

Since that time (August 21) the list of natural disasters, record setting at that, has become a list that has defied the imagination while I was up in Oregon going ooh with awe at the eclipse.
Fires in California, three hurricanes, Puerto Rico laid waste, level 7 earthquakes around the world. I live in LA and worry about our “big one” coming. The weather has gone wacky and new high temperatures have emerged as well as record low temperatures. And the record fires yielded record and deadly mud slides.

February 15 2018 Eclipse is the brother/sister, choose your gender, of the August 21 2017 eclipse. The August was at 28 degrees of Leo, this February 15th is at 27 Aquarius. This opposition is something to be taken seriously. The same acupuncture area is hit with a new needle.

Hopefully when there is another eclipse that follows the preceding one, we try to see if we can fully understand the preceding and possibilities for a change in the upcoming. However in this case the power of August 21 was so strong that we would be crazy not to put some mental energy into trying to figure out what the impact of February 15 might be.

One of the things that worries me is that this eclipse quincunxes the Mercury of the USA chart (Aquarius-Cancer). I point this out as this can’t help but make the difficulty of fake news and honest news increasingly puzzling and not only in terms of the President and the collusion investigation,but all the other news on the diplomatic area, as well as the “me too” and other social events, as well as the way the congress has become more divided than even recently could have been thought of. The world politics are not much better with deep issues as climate change, increasing water shortages and drought. The issues of the haves and have not will come into sharper focus. The 99 percent will have even more to grumble about and this issue will add more weight to social tension. Look for more street marches on a larger scale.

Speaking of drought, The July 12th eclipse at 20 degrees of Cancer opposes the transiting Pluto which is slowly creeping its way to a Pluto return of the USA Pluto at 27 Capricorn, beginning orb in 2022–an supplying a topper to all the events of the Saturn Pluto conjunction at the end of 2020. These are evolutionary times my friends. The yelling of warnings in the last couple of decades about the reality of climate change will become acute–and the drought in Asia, African, Australia, SW US, and parts of Russia will bear witness of what the great Cardinal Cross foreshadowed in the beginning of the century. The focus at that time was around 20 degrees of Cancer and now we have an eclipse hitting that point. Wow. There will be huge immigration problems starting down the road as people parched for water will head to borders where there is something to drink. Lets hope that I have been taking too many critical and cynical pills, so I will stop on this eclipse for the time being.

Looking at the August 11th eclipse at 18 Leo is exactly opposite the US Moon at 18 Aqueous. This eclipse definitely points to some serious strain on the institutions of our country, especially as we will be in the heat of the 2018 election campaigns. One might hope that this points to a bringing of new emotional and nurturing changes in our country. It could, however point to serious challenges to the fabric of our democracy. It could point to some attempts to clean things up. I will need more time to consider this eclipse and will write more specifically about it after the July 12 eclipse.

In the meantime wait until I write about Uranus entering Taurus in May. That will bring challenges to fixed concepts and institutions as well. When two fixed signs collide, the fall out will be immense.

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Listen to the Sounds of the Planets s

Perhaps you haven’t known that you can go to YouTube and hear radio and plasma sounds from the planets and indeed some spots in space that emit such sounds. In fact you can sit down and relax to the restful sounds of Neptune or the dynamic sounds of Uranus. There is a buzz to the sound of the rings of Saturn and a Debussy-like orchestra of Jupiter.

Some of the different providers of these planetary vibrations provide links to sites when you can down load the sounds. My two favorites are Neptune and Jupiter, which are great to meditate when you are in a mood to really space out. It is incredible that these tones are from space.

Certainly there is something to the poets who say the universe is dancing. When Plato was talking about the music of the spheres he was hinting at a concept that is true in even a scientific way.

One of the aspects that amazes me is the sounds of Earth. Our planet has its own vibration which is not only remarkable, but also shows that we are indeed just another planet in the orchestra of the solar system.

When it comes to natal charts it is interesting to think of them as each a configuration of musical tones which give each of us a type of musical chord and we enter life. Everything is there, the squares, oppositions, all the aspects as well as the great sun giving its own job on base. What a wonder our solar system is.

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Gravity Waves — Neutron Star Collision — What about Mercury?

On August 27,2017 the Laser Interferometer Gravitational-Observation Base in Livingston LA recorded the discovery of gravity waves.

While this s in itself is very interesting, that gravitation waves have been verified, but that it is a wave like Einstein predicted. So what? Well the idea that planets through gravitational waves may have more measurable influence on the shape of planetary connectivity in our solar system. This adds an other way of looking at how on a scientific level the planets are engaged in a giant spectrum of waves, making the idea that gravity waves may well explain how big planets like Jupiter can have such dramatic effects on the whole solar system, even influencing the sun, perhaps solar flares. Also it may explain how such a dense, though small, planet like Mercury may have an effect on the gravity of the sun’s solar wind, like an eclipse, but super smaller, still an occulation just the same. Imagine that Mercury is like putting your finger into a water hose–it changes the spray. Similarly Mercury may thus have more power that we suspect. Why would such a small planet play such an important place in the natal chart: the very thinking process itself. By sign and house this little guy packs a neurological punch.

Let be clear that even before this discovery of gravity wave, Mercury has been a power of communication: but why?
While we have myths, folklore and other concepts, the truth is that Mercury is the smallest planet. I submit that gravitational theory should be used to rethink the “why” of Mercury. Astronomers will poop-poop such an assertion, but those of us who use Mercury in natal charts, will be sure to have this discovery add to the mystery and power of this small planet of the nervous system and communication.

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The Eclipse That Keeps On Giving

The August 21 2017 total eclipse has proven to a time marker in that after it, things get dicier. Hurricanes,fires, North Korea, the expanding research into the Russian connection. And today in LA we had our first earthquake in a long long time. Not that this would be any news, except this is the first quake within the city. There have been quakes in Palm Springs, Big Bear the Salton Sea, but not one in LA. The last big one was Jan. 1994. and it was preceded a series of smaller one up to the big one in North Ridge. Could this be a foreshadowing of something? I don’t know. But I do know this: This August 21 eclipse is not done doing what has already been started.

There is this theory in Eclipse Lore that it ain’t over until the bending. There are two bending points that occur when the sun is at 45 or 90 degrees from the nodal point of the eclipse, or, when a planet crosses the nodal point or if a major planet, the slower moving Saturn Jupiter, Neptune, Uranus or Pluto make a hard aspect to that point withing that six month time when the attention is turned to the new eclipse coming up (at 180 degrees). That being said, if the new eclipse is a weak one not a total one, or anular whatever the power of this one holds on.

This means that the 180 bending will occur at 17 February 2018. And the 90 degree bending will be at 22 November 2017. Mars will hit the bending in January 19, 2018.

What this means to me is that we still have a lot of energy from the August 21 totality. I fear it will mean more rough weather, an quake somewhere that will affect LA and political problems way beyond what we are having now. Not to mention that the damages from the two hurricanes we have already had may well bankrupt the insurance companies will all the damage claims from the disasters.

Some of my astrologer friends are really worried. But let me tell you the clue to getting by. 1) make your place as safe as possible, quake kits, water and food to last awhile (I have 30 days), repair anything that needs repairing 2) have batteries,a flash light or two, candles and matches, a radio and a large four recharge battery for the phone. 3) ration yourself on the news. 4) be mindful. That is all you can do. The rest is out of our control, so control the things we can. Notice the good things in the neighborhood. The trees, the young kids getting out of elementary school — life.

This may sound cynical and I suppose in one way it is. But allows one to breath simply and fully, to stay sane in an increasingly insane world.

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Back to the nodes. They changed signs.

The Nodes have changed signs to Leo/Aquarius, leaving the axis of Virgo/Pisces behind. This will change a lot of things. More direct energy for inventiveness and leadership coming our way. More to come on this shift. Where are your nodes? What aspects do they make to this new shift? Look it up!

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Mother Earth: Other Planets Mothers Too?

I was reading in an astrological journal the other day suggesting that if we look at the Earth as a viable life form or living energy field, maybe we should look at all the planets as in one way or another also living energy fields.

The opposing side is that earth has life, biological life on it. It is therefore a bio-field, where the other planets do not have life on them, at least life as it know it–the carbon chain and water creating moving self-munching, life. That is life as we know it depends on eating life. When you think about it every life form eats another and plants compete for sunlight and water. Is it farfetched to think then as life as a chemical activity?

What I am driving at here is who is to say that there is not a certain combination of energy fields on, say Mars, that has its own chemical/electromagnetic activity that is constantly changing and growing, evolving, just as here on earth, ONLY DIFFERENT!!

For as long time mother earth was not a planet with life, and it grew through the carbon chain–all life has carbon in one way or another involved it. Some say that AI (artificial intelligence) is just the silicon element starting to compete with the carbon!!!!!!! Further, some people say life arrived on earth from a piece of a cosmic meteors or something life that. Life as an invading energy component.

The point I am making here is that just as the earth is unique in vibratory content because of its “life”, other planets may well be considered energy mothers of their own elemental environments. Who is to say what type off chemical energies, say, the gas planets have, or if gas “beings” could have a different type of consciousness than we know here on earth? Might it not be an ego problem on our life form to rule out other types of consciousness?

Is this science fiction?. Maybe there are large jellyfish-like gas fields churning at fantastic speeds on Jupiter.

What is consciousness and can we say that energy fields, in and other themselves are not in their way at their core something alive in their terms? Is it not possible that planets by the fact of their energy fields have a personality of sorts. Is the whole universe also consciousness. Is the final resolution the “God particle”? This is something to think about on those night you can’t sleep and want to do some thinking about the larger picture. If the universe can be looked at as a type of consciousness through the universal field through which the whole universe dances to that cosmic rhythm, then the planets could well be humming some tune of consciousness.

Think about it, that is all that I am saying.

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Total eclipse coming August 21 20017 Yes, it is a big deal

While I realize that August is down the road. I want put the word out that, those that can, should take the time to plan vacations in the Northwest.The umbra will come ashore on the Oregon coast, west of Salem at 10:45 am and the length of the shadow will give “1 minute and 59 seconds” of totality. The length of the totality will grow to “2minutes and 40 seconds” in Southern Illinois. The line of the eclipse is actually a swath across the middle of the US.

It is good to plan where you might find the best weather. West Ways Magazine says,”Viewers should consider weather statistics.Sightings odds decrease for the Eastern U.S., according to Jay Anderson a retired meteorologist at Environment Canada with nearly 40 years of experience in studying eclipse weather,’The further east you go, the cloudier it gets.’”

If you have relatives who live along the umbra line it might be the time to pay them a visit. The next solar eclipse will be in 2019 and visible in Chile and Argentina. The next one in continental U.S. will not be until 2024. The great aspect of this eclipse is that it is possible to drive to it. And remember, as the news media picks up on the August eclipse, crowds will be making hotel reservations, and campsites will be booked up. I recommend those on the West Coast head for Portland Oregon, where there is a great culture of star gazers.

For more information, just Google it and you will have all the information you need to have a great and educational vacation.

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Eclipse of February 26 2017 Complex and Powerful – A New Epoch

The eclipse of February 25, 2017 is a complex array of aspects generating a lot energy bound to create a second wave of the tsunami released in Sept. 1 2016 which brought a completely different ethos, not only through the election in the U.S. but in the whole political and intellectual world nestled in on a troubled and growing more toxic (everyday) planet. Indeed this 8:12 Pisces is only one degree from exactly opposite 9:21 of Virgo eclipse last fall.

The focus on the planet Neptune is the key, since it participates by hard aspect to both. Indeed this second eclipse has Mercury, South Node and Neptune all within 10 degrees. One might argue that the learning triangle (a la Huber) offers the hope that there are lessons to be learned which might ease the deep impact of the tide of tension to be offered up by the clap of the solar wind.

First the opposition of these two Virgo/Pisces eclipses is to further present the dichotomy revealed. The polarization of liberal and conservative view points which cut open the festering extremist opinions on both sides. This ideological morass is breeding its own toxic poison engulfing us all. The clash of political factions will continue to galvanize even more cavernous breeches in how the dominate ethnicity currents in swirling spiral of momentum that has to be controlled to nurture some life affirming bilateral cooperation.

How can the growing climate change continue to be denied by certain factions of governing institutions? Change must come and hopefully the Saturn in Sag and Uranus in Aries trine will bring some structure to the evolving rebellious and yet inventive vortex of the Learning Triangle. It is one thing to tell someone that they need to learn a needed lesson of what to keep and what to let go of. Yet when this is projected on to the multiple problems facing the world – what are we to expect, how to articulate such a lesson. Even among the hints that there will there possibly be greater violence. This is a lesson that we want to avoid, obviously.

President Trump at this junction be facing the world problems for one month by this eclipse. Analysis of the eclipse on his natal chart leaves even the most positive astrologer to worry. The eclipse will generate a transiting yod on his Pluto and Neptune sextile — along with a transiting grand trine Mars, Mars Moon with Jupiter the kite opposing to transit mars. A lot of Mars energy mulling around in this “un-drained swamp” and the yod energy bringing an unclear difficult time for things to get sorted out. And the cherry on the top is another damned “learning triangle.”

I am not an anarchist, but if I were I would be more than cheering at these turn of events, supposing in my view that institutions will be under stress and things could well be on the brink. While we have the immediacy of the internet and we can all know what is happening as it happens and therein lies a hope. The fact is that fact itself has become a relative term. Facts are invented–and this is the Neptune influence of dissolving all structures into a soup that remains a boiling jello until this ideological lava is able to cool into a new and hopefully stronger cast or format. Truth has been poisoned, can it survive?

This Neptune power point in the code of our own DNA is something to behold. Our political and geological pollution of our environment is upon us. And we will all be able to bear witness to this unfurling ribbon that draws us into a future. We are in the twilight of the world structure since 1945, which started with a nuclear blast and was shepherded by the US to this juncture which will bring to experience a larger flux. There will be a different leadership hatched by the coming eclipses and the eclipse in Leo will be the clue. If only this were a movie, at least someone would be in charge of producing the ending that has crowd appeal and could generate box office. Trump will play a staring role, but other actors will challenge for the leading role and in the defining moment the drama will be intense. Where is Shakespeare? What would he write if they were one of his histories?

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