September Eclipse will Pack a Punch!

Summer will end with two lunar eclipses, August 18 and September 16, and while both of these lunar eclipses will have some energy, neither will come close to the power of the September 1 Solar Annular Eclipse. In fact I find it to be so complex to forecast about because the configurations are so dynamic.

First this eclipse will be a trigger for the last of the Neptune Saturn squares which have been so violent. Secondly, Mercury will be rx during this time, in Virgo. And Mars will be in orb coming off its own exact sq to Neptune.

How does this work? The eclipse (Sep 1) at 9 degrees of Virgo is into opposition to Neptune at 10 degrees of Pisces, this opposition is squared by Saturn at 10 degrees of Sagittarius, making a giant “T” Sqr. On the Sept 24th Mars conjuncts Saturn and squares Neptune on the 26th. Think of the energy that is being poured into the Neptune Saturn sq. This energy has to find some outlet and if ever there was an eclipse that might be thought of as explosive, say hello to this dozy of a T sqr.

Lets add that Jupiter and Mercury (28 Virgo) and Venus (2 Libra) are conjunct. Eight planets are in some way or another involved in this hurricane of the Zodiac. Will it be safe to go outside (just kidding)? Consider this energy field triggered by massive blasts of surging power shudders through this configuration of hard aspects.

I think one good way to look at this as like a Tsunami–a release of energy waves now spread out and will crash on some shore. Who knows where it will hit.

1. the energy of the finger of the T sq resolves in Gemini so it will be influenced by Mercery rx. A break down in communication, verbal, communication, but also a break down in electric communication, a failure of our computer driven internet (or power grid). Last Mercury rx in LA caused Frontier cell phone service to collapse.

2. The usual suspects of Neptune in this sq is the religious radical activities that have bounced like a terrible ball of death, falling and bashing certain localities so hard that we have grown numb to the effects of the violence. With Mars involved anything could happen, war, coup bombings. This could all feed off the two Lunar eclipses which feature the Neptune Saturn sq as well, but without the punch of the Solar.

3. Let me quickly say that I live in LA a Virgo city (believe it or not) and the last big one in the early 90s
occured with heavy Virgo tension. Hopefully this is just a paranoid thought.

4. There is the hope that Jupiter ingress into Libra might bring some sense of justice, diplomatic skills and aesthetics into play.

5. Some eclipses don’t do much. Some do a little. Some do a lot. This one will do a lot. By the time of the “bending” the results will show. The mutable degrees of 9 & 10 should be watched for the marker of further results and reactions during transits.

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Mars Goes Direct with Rage into Saturn SQ Neptune

Mars stopped being retrograde and went direct June 26 and what a ride of violence we have had! It seem as if every day some new despicable act of horror is unleashed, not only with our own USA type of human rage-Minnesota,Texas, Louisiana (and marches in all large cities) but internationally, Pakistan, Saudi Arabia, France and Turkey.

Part of all this can be attributed to Mars, for as it goes direct, it now moves into approaching conjunction (granted down the road in August 23) with Saturn. (wide orb of 14 degrees) This, I feel, will be a very trigger time, as Mars conjunct Saturn will be in a 1 degree square with Neptune. This will be the last hurrah, if you will, of this what has proven to be a killer square. The good news is that after the end of September this square will be out of orb.

Yet what an energy surge this square has produced–Neptune representing idealism, spiritualism, darkness deceitful behavior, mass psychology compassionate, yet also heartless in zeal religious fervor. Take this complex planet and put it in direct square with Saturn and its need to try to seek persistence and strength in judgment. Saturn wants to get things done, to measure the productivity of action and the seriousness of doing measurable gains. (Like do a bombing, start a coup). Incredibly there was a bombing of the second most sacred site in the Sunni world, Medina. This shows how deep the religious strife is.

The “Black Lives Matter” group continues to bring attention to the indiscriminate shooting of black men by the police. The killing of 9 police in less than a week puts a whole new light on a subject so dire that the President has made TV appearances trying to get everyone back on the Love you Neighbor teachings of spiritual leaders.. The national attention on this schism is deepened b y the greatest circus one can imagine in the political area.

Usually I have some supposed insight to all this, but I have none at this writing except to continue in your meditations and do as much good as you can in your daily life. I don’t see this chaos blowing over immediately. The tension is too great for everything to calm down without more time to let is going to play out, to be played out. Unfortunately it will take perhaps Jupiter’s ingress to Libra. The election is another point of tension. So take care and love your neighbors and family and friends and cut back on the TV time with chaos again pops up.

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Elections and Eclipse Cycles

There will be three eclipses at the end of the summer. Strange things may be brewing. Watch this site for an in depth discussion.



WEST LA CA 90064

1 – 4 $40.00

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Mars Goes Direct in Middle of Rare New Moon Full Moon Cycle

Mars goes direct June 23, 2016. We can all breath a sigh of relief as this generator of energy finally stops its retrograde motion and goes direct. Everything should start to get more “back to normal” whatever that means. A trivial example is that my yoga class will seem to have its flow less of a chore and more into a celebration. I have some hope that as Mars stations (stops retrograde and does not move–stations on one degree before going direct) now and the energy has an effect of burning a hole in that degree and the energy of Mars has a big push everywhere. I think this is why there is so much road rage right now. The media is tireless in saying that we are in the middle of the worst road rage epidemic. Pictures of road rage are on the news in greater and more frequent numbers. Chicago gangs have set a record for the most death in one month, etc.

All this is in the sign of Scorpio, so Mars is going direct in the domain of Pluto the great god of rage, transformation, blowing the hell out of the moment and with Mars the god of war, fight or flight, these two are a savage combination during this stationing period. Those who have the degree of 23 Scorpio should pay special attention


Yes, the Full moon is on the solstice and the New on Independence Day” This happens rarely ninety years. Hopefully this means that we are seeing a final rise of the energy that is driving the power of discord and pointing to a new and better road ahead. This may seem like an unusual opinion considering the deep division that has gripped our USA during this election cycle.It is historical in terms of the primary campaign.

Let us hope that this new moon will have a positive effect and not be marshaling in a new level of discord. In any events the signs in the heavens would give even the wisest ancient astrologer to advise the king to tread carefully as in this coming Mars direct there could be dark clouds on the horizon if the world is to evolve to a better place.

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What Does Mars Retrograde Mean?

April 17 to June 29 Mars will be retrograde, which is a difficult time due to the change in the alignments of the Earth and Mars.

Mars is the planet of physical and psychological energy. It is strong,pioneering energy that makes for so much of our experience to initiate and begin to release the biological and mental powers of our body and personality. It is most commonly revered to as the “fight of flight” mechanism that is the deepest biological and psychological instincts we have. This instinct is, briefly, that response in determining whether we respond to a situation where we see ourselves as stronger than an other. In this situation and our response is to attack and defeat this “other.” If we perceive the “other” as stronger that we are and our response is the flee, to get out of the situation by retreat and running away. In it simplest expression – it is that consideration in a confrontation should we dig in for a battle we think we can win, or get way and avoid the situation.

Mars retrograde slows down and weakens this energy that intensifies and makes us act on the full potential of our physical and psychological nature. Our passions and life force is not as strong as we are use to. Worries seem larger and harder to contemplate and conceptualize. Some cases certain perspectives may even cause a type of depression. An astrologer’s phone starts to ring more as clients as well as people from this web site call up to ask what the hell is going on?

The first step in coping is to relax and realize that your are in a retrograde of Mars – the bio/psycho-energy field of the planet. With this perspective one can begin to make sense of why things see so emotionally difficult. Problem solving abilities seem slower, sluggish. We don’t feel our usual pep.

Romantic and sexual sensitivity may seem less exciting, less buoyant. There is a moodiness.

In my experience this is seen more often in the last couple of weeks of the retrograde.

To compare this to sailing, it is as if there is a great lull in the wind and everything slows down and even comes to rest at this time. But know that this is just a phase of the weather and soon the wind will return and your journey will find its normal pace.

It is a good time to review where we place our energy, as there will be a focus on the priorities of how we go about living our life, work, and relationships. Things that seem to be more draining may need to be cut off and this is a clear time to note that you either don’t need to spend your time with these individuals or in certain projects and adjust yourself and directions accordingly.

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Mars Going Retrograde

On April 16 Mars goes retrograde at 8:54 Sagittarius
It stations to go direct on June 29 at 23:03 Scorpio

During this time Mars will appear to back up. While it does not actually “back up”–it appears to due to the positions of the Earth and Mars will be in their orbital alignments that causes the illusion of the retrograde. However the perspective of the Mars going backwards is how it appears to the actual observer on earth and thus appears to change position backing through the signs of Sag and Scorpio. This causes a different energy field between the two planets that must be considered carefully

Go to the BLOG button on this website and see my explanation of this phenomenon.

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Nodes move into Virgo/Pisces

Nodes and Change

The North Node/South Node opposition is leaving Libra and entering Virgo. The nodes, don’t forget, move “retrograde” to the planets, due to the precession of the Equinox because of the slight wobble of the earth on its axis. The nodes are called Rahu (north) and Ketu (south) from Indian myths about the world’s creation. Lord Vishnu was distributing “amitra” giving it to the gods (Devas) to give them immortality. As fate would have it, a serpent-like dragon slipped in and drank some amitra as well. Lord Vishnu quickly chopped it in two, but now being immortal, both haves lived on – the North Node being the head, the South Node being the tail. Twice a year the nodes devour the sun in a solar eclipse, thus avenging their being cut in twain. The reason is that the nodes are where the orbit of the moon crosses the orbit of the sun – when the new moon is in 10 degrees of the conjunction it is an eclipse. Twice a year.

Western astrology looks at the natal nodes as the North Node being the goals or direction one should aspire to and the South Node as something to consider habits and other actions that need to be thought through very carefully.

There is an interesting concept in reincarnation theory that the North Node is the direction your fate brings as a destiny clue, while the South Node is considered past life situations that need more mental “digesting” and transformational work. The easy way to remember it is that the head of the dragon (North Node) is a head and mouth – thinking and seeking new experiences. The end of the dragon is the intestine and anus, thus symbolizing the need to digest and work through these past life karma points.

The adventure in having the shift of the nodes from Libra/Aries (cardinal cross with Jupiter and Uranus) to the Virgo/Pisces, which, for me is the introduction of more analysis and vision into a world sorely in need of some of this. The solar eclipses will be on that axis will inject this energy into the earths magnetic field. Hopefully it will give the mundane world some flexibility and mutable moves towards a world of positive change.

People should check their charts to see if one of the nodes makes hard aspects to natal planets. Use a 3-degree orb in this. One can expect to feel the energy of these aspects in some way giving guidance as to what to look for in the future and things that you need to let go of. Conjunctions are the strongest aspect in terms of a definite effect. If it is a conjunction of the North Node, look for new messages to come, if it is the South Node it means time to reflect on issues that keep coming up. The planet involved and the sign and house will help in divining the meaning of the transit.

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Saturn will slow down Christmas spending.

Be sure to plan your Christmas gifting budget carefully and don’t buy too early. Saturn in Sag and Jupiter in Virgo means the buying will be below last year and retailers will have to offer great bargains before the holiday. It seems as if this planetary aspects of these two large planets has made people a little more careful with their money.

Despite good labor and job reports, most of this is due to added part time jobs to help with the seasonal spending. Customers are not really that excited about spending and are recovering from the still rising market which is long overdue for an adjustment. The memory of the recession still comes up and there have been little wage increases. While the drop in gas prices has given some extra capital in the market, people are actually saving a lot of it, for these prices have fluctuated so much this year. Having seen gas at $4.75 a gallon leaves a strong memory that the cycle of up and down expenses in transportation in commutes and other essential car usage seems to have slowed some of the seasonal cycle.

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Saturn Enters Sagittarius — Clash with Jupiter

Saturn enters Sag for good on the 17 of September and will stay there until December when it enters Capricorn on the Solstice 2017. However from today until September 9, 2016, it will square by sign with Jupiter in Virgo. While both of these large planets are in mutable signs, the result is going to be quite a bit of friction where Jupiter will want to expand in Virgo it will run into problems with Saturn which will make facts and ideology mesh into quite a mix up.

Saturn is the great judge, the measuring rod, the fundamentals that we can count on. It will test and try all ideas, especially in ninth house issues like governing, the law, the higher dimensions, international affairs and trade. In the mundane world the election rhetoric is going to be the worse we have yet to see and we have seen a lot. Religious issues like abortion and the rights of the minorities will come into focus. The separation of church and state will be challenged. The rights of immigrants, both along the border of Mexico and the Syrians in Europe will get more and more muddled. Jupiter in Virgo will want to expand rights and analysis of these perplexing issues, while Saturn will want to restrict them. We will be returning to this conflict several times in blogs to come.

On the personal level Jupiter in Virgo will try to expand health issues and it is wise to get a checkup. The pressure of stress in our individual lives will be driven by even more intrusion of digital devices into our personal life. If Saturn has his way a lot more big brother, big data will be pushed on us. This is a good time for all examine all personal issues that are bugging you. These little tatters of behavior that we have yet to get straightened out will get more severe. The identity of involvement will become more relevant. We cannot withdraw, things will change while these two are fighting it out in mutable signs. The issue is how will they change. There will be a compulsive drive to change ourselves for the better and yet the question of what to do will not be apparent. The personal environment will Topsy turfy. Make sure you have your personal and moral compass aligned with the direction you want to go for personal achievement. Be patient with yourself. Relationships will change, new associates will enter to force you to sort out those people who are helpful and healthful for you and those who are not. It will be time to evaluate your highest idealizations of life and sort them out with the light of Saturn who will check your every move.

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Venus Retrograde –Here Until September 6

After all the fanfare and the hoopla Venus is now rx (7/25 -9/6). The question in forecasting about an event like this is the way it should be handled.

Retrograde starts with “re” and it stands in its interpretive forecast and cognitive functions–review, re-assist, reconsider, rewrite, look at esthetic views and see if they should be modified.

Don’t be surprised in an old love interest calls up to see how you are doing and if you are single. Just plain old good friends may get in touch.

Finish projects that have been needing attention. Rewrite your novel, screen play, the cook book that will be a best seller, revisit old creative projects of any kind. You may be able to breathe new life into them at this time.

Look over your work processes and see if they need streamlining and ways to save time.

A relationship started now must be tested in late September to see if it can last in the new, Venus as rising star era.

Leo is about showmanship. Are you presenting your best face (ascendant) forward. Do you need to change how you make impressions?

Expect the unexpected. This is the time that you find a wonderful object at a garage sale and are amazed at its value.

Rethink the way your furniture and rooms are arranged. This could be a great time to change what goes where.

Maybe it is a time to renew your commitment to your lover, spouse, family.

Socialize with an eye for how well you like who you are with. Are they worth it.

Keep your eyes wide open and your diplomatic and esthetic self operative at all times.

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